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What evidence has the world given you?

It’s easy to get carried away when you listen to the voice in your head.  Or fill in the blanks with your version of reality?

Do you know what I mean?

It usually sounds like this:  you get this nagging feeling you are going to be fired, someone is mad at you or won’t support your efforts, your work is never going to lead to anything, it simply wont’ work, why am I trying so hard, why would anyone believe you, you are going to embarrass yourself…and in every case your level anxiety rises.

Has this happened to you?

It has happened to me.  And usually when I am trying something new, stepping outside my comfort zone, following my heart to do the work that matters most to me or making a decision that others didn’t expect me to make, but felt right to me.

This has been especially true as I bring shape to this chapter in my life called Portfolio life.   Over 10 years ago,  I sat down to think about my life.  I knew I was past the halfway mark in life, which created urgency.

How do I use my time to have the most impact? 

As I explored all my ideas, I could see a future chapter that looked more like a portfolio than a regular 9-5 job.  The portfolio would include public speaking, board work and something else I knew would evolve over time.

And that was how I started, with a vision and an idea of a general direction.

Now 10 years later, I am here engaged in building this chapter.  It has been rewarding work with tremendous impact on the overall leadership effectiveness of individuals, organizations and boards. The prep work I did over the past 10 years has been invaluable.  But along the way, there were slow spots and times where the future opportunities had not been identified yet.

And it was in these moments that I doubted whether this vision/idea I had was going to stick.  It was thru the help of Tara Mohr and her book “Playing Big” that I gained new insight about the journey. And it was her push to respond to the negative self-talk with a question:  What evidence has the world given you that supports this idea or notion?

Funny how the answer, let me see the reality of how my self-talk was shutting me down.  And taking time to ask this question allowed me to clear the clouds and stay engaged moving forward.  Isn’t this also true about today’ headline news too?  If we stop to look at the evidence, the way forward becomes clear and our confidence in the future grows.

Let’s practice this pause together. It will allow us to share the insights that help each other build momentum.  I look forward to hearing your insights?

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