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The Power of a Card


In today’s world, of short snippets, auto reply comments and just send an email or text, it is easy to lose the power of REAL connection.  We can go thru the motions to send a nice note, check it off our list and make us feel good but our efforts lack the authenticity required to build REAL relationships.

The advance of technology has made it easier for us to connect. But it has caused us to lose our ability to practice the art connections that build real relationships and endure time.  The kind of relationships that frankly, make it possible to solve the worlds problems we face today without all the drama.

It’s why I am committed to handwritten thank you notes, sending flowers with a special note to celebrate accomplishments and taking the time to select a card that sends just the right message or make a phone call.

How else will you every know the impact you are having on others without this feedback? It matters.

In fact, I would encourage you to save your notes and cards.  Print your emails so you can save them in your “happy news” folder.  Funny how when you are having a particularly bad day or the voice in your head gets really loud, you can pull out your “happy news” folder and reread the messages.  It’s a great reminder that you are AWESOME and to focus on the issue without internalizing the current situation.

Imagine the power of this card when it arrived.

Leadership is a tough job. It’s about other people and what YOU do to bring focus, alignment and progress towards a future goal.  Never easy, because fundamentally, people don’t really want to change.  They would rather keep it the same, because it is comfortable.  And most of the feedback you get is about the issues, the problems, the drama.

So this card, cut thru the noise.  The powerful message recharged my battery, and reminded me that MY leadership was a difference maker.  It was the push I needed to continue even in rough waters, which is when REAL leadership is needed the most.  And every time I reread this card in my “happy news” folder, it has the same effect.

Let’s continue the conversation.  What’s in your “happy news” folder?  How do you reflect on these messages to refuel your battery?  Who will you be connecting with today to build a stronger REAL relationship?

If you missed my TEDx talk -Your Intention Matters, here’s the link:   I explore this issue and why it matters.  Thanks in advance to taking the time to view it, comment and pass it on.


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