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Thanks for your patience

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Thank you for your patience. It feels good to be back writing especially from the shores of Leech Lake in Minnesota.

The “time out” from my blog afforded me the opportunity to gain a new perspective, understand myself more deeply and most importantly begin to build momentum around my work with others on their leadership impact.

I am excited to share some of my learnings from this past year in the upcoming blog posts.

For those that follow me on Facebook at Nancy M. Dahl or Instagram @nancymdahl, you know I haven’t been radio silent. I have enjoyed sharing little snippets of the journey along the way. I promise to spend more time in the behind the scenes lessons learned in future posts.

And, if I have learned one thing in this journey.

It is to live by the motto, “Say yes, until there is a reason to say no.

It has allowed me to go places I hadn’t planned, but it was the right place. It has allowed me to be introduced to people I never would have met, and they were the right people to meet. It has taught me the value of asking a different question and learn the power of seeing a different perspective because I took the time to ask AND LISTEN. And lastly, it has fueled my curiosity and allowed me to practice getting better at discovery. And the discovery revealed what I needed but didn’t know and it was the right idea.

All evidence that our intention matters.

Not the intention about always a detailed plan or to know the answer, but our intention to be engaged, to set a direction, to figure it out, to believe the work is worth it and bottom-line to remember it is our life. It’s up to us to make choices that create situations that allow us to do our best work.

That doesn’t happen by chance.

Let’s keep the conversation going. How are you leading your life with intention? What are you creating to allow yourself to do your best work? And how are you practicing your best game everyday? It’s the only way we improve our impact. And isn’t that what really matters–making a difference by showing up to do our best alongside others that are doing the same.

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