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Breaking Even

Not all days are created equal.  Wouldn't you agree? We celebrate the days we feel the win, or know the momentum is moving in the right direction.  On the flip side, we feel defeated by the days where nothing went…

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The Power of a Card

  In today’s world, of short snippets, auto reply comments and just send an email or text, it is easy to lose the power of REAL connection.  We can go thru the motions to send a nice note, check it…

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Already connected

Have you ever set a goal and wondered how you’d get there?  Or started down your path and found you felt alone? I have. This year I took a different approach to my planning, starting with setting “gift goals” vs.…

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Set GIFT goals, not SHOULD goals.

Have you set your goals for 2019 yet?  This process of declaring what we will stop, start and continue doing is fraught with both joy and dread.  The joy of starting something new or saying “so long” to a tough…

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