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Have you ever set a goal and wondered how you’d get there?  Or started down your path and found you felt alone?

I have.

This year I took a different approach to my planning, starting with setting “gift goals” vs. “should goals.  I wrote about it earlier this year-Jan 8, 2019.  If you haven’t seen the blog, be sure to check it out.  Re-framing how we think about goals has had a profound effect on me and my energy to make them happen.  More joy, less drudgery.

Today I want to talk about the other change I made to my planning.  Instead of looking outside at what I thought I needed or had to go get, I looked inside and asked a different question.

“What strengths and resources are ALREADY present in my life that could help me?

As I made my notes, I could feel the change in attitude.  Wow, I was more connected to what mattered than I thought.  Funny how just like our kids, we forget to look at what we already have that could help us.  Somehow, we think we need something new.

Over the next few hours my plan emerged.  I built it around my goals and what I was already connected to in my life.   I was energized to see what I already had going for me-at the start.  For once, I didn’t feel like I was behind already.  The goals and plans didn’t seem so ominous.  And I was now more confident in your ability to achieve the goal too.

The power of connection effects everything we do.  Let’s remember to cherish what we’ve worked for all our lives to build.  It’s there for a reason, so learn to lean on it to help you on the journey ahead.

How will your strengths and resources that you’re ALREADY connected to help you achieve your goals?  Can’t wait to hear the answer.

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