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The world we live in is not set up to optimize us as individuals – it never was, but now the conditions are beyond our ability to thrive. Unless we learn to be intentional.



Nancy’s presentation was life giving. It was exactly the message I needed to hear but didn’t know it. Her perspective on intentional living, leadership and change provided the clarity I needed to cut thru the chaos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Conference Attendee

Curiosity, Courage and Intention have new meaning to me. I’ve never heard any one speak as frankly about what it takes to lead your life and career. Best ever, can’t wait to get started.

Transportation Industry Executive

Nancy’s presentation was thoughtful, and thought provoking. If you want to find your true “greatness” and sort out your place in this big, big world of opportunity, don’t miss her.

CEO & Founder of Strategic Consulting Firm

By sharing her personal stories, Nancy shows us how important the human connection it to successful leadership at work and in life.

Partner, Wealth Management Industry

Nancy’s presentation was our top rated of all time. She hit it out of the park.

Executive Director, International Communications Association
Cover of MN Business Magazine that features Nancy M. Dahl

It’s all about people. Human capital represents 70-80% of the expenses in an organization, and people are among the most important investments a business can make; not just who you hire – but how you lead and optimize people as individuals.

Nancy is a seasoned executive whose experience as a leader has been earned. And learned through decades of working across multiple industries, from the front lines to the board rooms. She is passionate about helping others to supercharge their leadership impact. And isn’t that the only true dimension of how you and I can impact this world in a way that matters?

The journey is worth it, because it’s for you. And the great news is, Nancy starts from wherever you are. So let’s get started…because your life is too important to leave to chance!

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