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YOU are the Present

You are the Present       

It was early, the sun hadn’t come up yet and the smell of my coffee filled the air.  I loved this time of day and the gift of quiet time.

Each new day marks a fresh start to consider priorities and how to spend your time.  My list included the usual “to do’s”.  And this year, I added an extra focus on gratitude with real actions EVERY DAY!  I have been amazed at the impact on my mood, energy and outlook on life.

This new focus has taught me a valuable lesson about my value.  I learned how the things I took for granted are the very things others value most from me.  By focusing everyday on the practice of gratitude, it allowed me to see more clearly what mattered to me and to others.

Today, I want to share my list of 5 activities with you.

  1. List 3 things you are grateful for in your life
  2. Journal about what you learned yesterday and what you want to learn today; Why does it matter?
  3. Daily Physical Exercise
  4. Random act of kindness
  5. Quiet time to reflect on your day and celebrate your forward movement

The impact of this new habit has had a profound effect on my overall happiness, outlook and resilience.  As we all know, life’s journey isn’t a straight line.  Managing the twists and turns is part of what happens to all of us and it isn’t always fun.  This daily routine lets me attack every day with the resolve to embrace how the events of the day made me stronger and an outlook to help others.

So, this season remember, YOU are the Present to those around you.  Let’s commit to celebrate what that means and stay focused on what grounds us, so we continue to give our best every day.


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