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The Difference Makers

A few years ago, I took time to reflect on my journey and identify the difference makers in my life.  As I made my list, I noticed a pattern in why they were the difference makers.

Today, I want to share that list with you to see if your difference makers did the same things for you.  I met them in all parts of my life but their support of me looked the same.  These people–

  • Saw potential in me I hadn’t discovered yet.
  • Supported me when I didn’t support myself.
  • Listened to my ideas and thoughts with a real interest in understanding.
  • Asked me questions and resisted giving me answers to help me discover new perspectives and bring clarity so I could move forward.
  • Provided feedback I needed to hear.  No sugar coating, just real feedback.
  • Encouraged me to practice and try things on to see what worked.
  • Walked with me as I unlearned something about myself and found a new truth.
  • Helped me understand the power of giving yourself grace when something didn’t go right.
  • Celebrated my curiosity to discover and discipline to be better.

It has been my quest to find and reconnect with my list of difference makers.  I know it is hard if not impossible to understand our true impact unless it is shared with us.  And it is a gift in return.  It is my goal to give that gift by saying THANK YOU and sharing my journey since we last met and how their impact on my life has made a difference.

This week I connected with one of them.  It has been 40 years since we last saw each other.  Can’t wait to see him and share our stories.  It always a magical moment.

Have you made your list?  Its worth your time to identify and celebrate the lives of others that have impacted your journey.


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  1. Great read as always Nancy!
    Difference makers seem to be few and far between! Curt Erickson was a sure one for me, as well as you with all of your inspirational messages.
    Thank you helping me see things in a different light!!!

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