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REAL LIFE connections matter most

We are more connected than any other time in human history, and yet the most isolated.  The promise of technology has delivered an amazing ability to efficiently get connected.  But it lacks the ability to do what really matters to enrich our connections to each other and keep us healthy.

Now I can hear a resounding chorus of, but wait, if it wasn’t for the ability to connect this way I would never have found-fill in the blank.  And I will admit that is true, for me too.

But let me ask you, how many of your best experiences in life happened in front of a screen?

More likely your most cherished memories were created when you were part of real-world communities  with people you cared about and doing things the old-fashioned way.  Sitting around a fire, playing games, taking a walk, spending time on the water, traveling to new places.  Bottom line you were spending time together LIVE and IN PERSON and most importantly connecting thru experiences and conversation.  Humans are social beings that require us to be connected authentically, that’s where the real magic happens.

Technology can make the logistics of getting everyone together easier.  The rest is up to us.

You see authentic relationships require conversation.  And conversation requires practice. More screen time robs your practice time from your life, so you never develop the skill and frankly don’t do it well.  You feel awkward, lack eye contact and the ability to truly explore an idea with someone else with the back and forth rhythm of playing tennis. So, guess what—you avoid it or only do it when you have to which makes you lonely, brings out anxiety-related disorders, and doesn’t give you the skill you need when it’s time to have that really important conversation.

We can’t let digital connection get in the way of real community. That’s what we should be afraid of missing out on.

Real-world conversations are crucial to living a satisfying life. Being with people in person, sacrificing time and effort to be with someone LIVE, to connect with them through the good, the bad, the boring, the interesting and just because we want to hang out. We need that to survive.

It is up to us to create the space in our lives to make these connections.  Our efforts must be intentional.  Technology is here to serve us.  We need to remember that and be disciplined in how we use the technology to live a more authentic life, grounded in what matters to us and spending time together with people we care about.

That’s what living a FULL life feels like.  It’s up to us to make it happen.

Who is on your list to connect with IN PERSON today?

I look forward to hearing how you are leading your life with intention.  Intention that uses technology to to get a date on your calendar to connect LIVE.  And the discipline to show up and engage.  Connecting eyeball to eyeball is the only way to create amazing stories together.  It’s a gift we give ourselves.  And our lives depend on it.

There is no replacement.

And the best news, you control whether it happens…so what are you waiting for?

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