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Connected hearts and mission

Have you discovered your mission in life?  It’s a life long journey to really understand what matters to you and then put words around it so you can share it with others.

It took me 9 tries over three months to create mine.  I thought it would be easy since that’s what I did for my day job.  But it wasn’t.  Funny how it’s hard to package yourself.  The value you bring to others can easily be dismissed because it feels too ordinary.   The final words came from others.  It was easy for them to describe the gift I gave them when we spent time together.

My mission is to create relevance and high performance for a future goal.   The three key ingredients are relevance, high performance and future.  Knowing why I am doing something, being able to do it well and understanding where I am going is important.  It gives me energy and resilience to push thru the tough stuff.  When all three are present in my day, its simply awesome.  It’s built an awareness that allows me to ensure my life includes what helps me do my best work.

A few years later, I thought it would be a great thing for my husband and I to do together.  And this time the experience was different.  It took us just 30 minutes to create one.  Both the focus and the words came easily.  And it has been a powerful guide for us. 

Our mission is to create experiences that build life long relationships and stories to tell for generations to come.

Over the years, we have been doing just that but never had the words to describe our mission in life.  Now that we can describe it and put words to it, we can be more intentional in our efforts and make decisions that enrich both our lives and the lives of others because we are living our mission in life together.  It changes the conversation.  The clarity created even a deeper connection to our work and life together.

Have you taken time to create a mission for yourself, group or as a couple?  It’s worth your effort.  The results become a powerful guide for you everyday and especially when life gets messy.


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  1. This is so special. Thank you for sharing. I often think of my future however never as a mission …. and it should be. God Bless you

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