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Just one day

It was the end of summer, the crackle of a bonfire, the sounds of loons in the distance and the full moon glistening on the water surrounded us.  It was the first night I had worn jeans in months and you could feel the early signs of fall.

The conversation went the usual places.  Time to replay the events of the summer, catch up on our lives, our kids and talk about what we planned to do this fall.  The conversations were fun, full of laughs and a great reminder of what mattered in life.


As we talked about our kids, one question caught our attention, and it lingered for the weekend.


If you could introduce your kids to a younger version of yourself for one day, what version would they meet?  Where would you spend your day?


After all, our kids only know the Mom and Dad version.  Oh they have seen the pictures and heard the stories, but there is no substitute for experiencing the journey together.  What if they knew you as one of their friends just like we had become friends in college and not as Mom and Dad.


It was fun to hear the different ideas.  It allowed us to explore why.  For some especially the Dad’s it was about the competition so being in shape was a key element.  For others it was the sense of adventure and the pursuit of just having fun together. No big life worries to hang over your head.  Instead only to embrace the moment and not wonder what is next.


The conversations also illustrated our love for life at each stage.  And so we wished to bring who we are now—our confidence, our perspective and our sense of adventure back in time with the physical benefits of our youth.


The ideas focused our attention on what made that time special and brought a new perspective to what we “wished” we had known to make our journey even better.  It allowed us to explore how to bring some of that back into our lives today.


So what would your day look like?  What would you wish to experience and how would it enhance the relationships and your understanding of each other?

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