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In plain sight

It was the fall season, my favorite time of year.  The football games, the color of the leaves, the crisp fall air, unpacking my favorite sweater and the long walks in the field with my family and four legged friends to go pheasant hunting…I loved it all.

The change of seasons brought new energy and excitement.

Today was no exception.  As we gathered our gear, you could hear the excitement in the voices of my family.  Even the dogs were anxious.  The anticipation of a day in the field hunting set the mood.

As we arrived to our first stop you could see we were not the first.  Rich was always first.  He wanted to stake out the claim to guarantee our spot.  We were thankful for his efforts.  And of course, he brought the coffee and warm rolls to share.  It was part of the tradition.

The conditions were perfect.  We crisscrossed fields that seemed to never end.  And arrived at the other end ready to jump in the back of the pick up and move to the next spot.

As I waited near a grove, I stopped to enjoy the view.  It was then, I noticed the eyes of a pheasant staring back at me.  Wow, in plain sight and I almost didn’t see him.

Isn’t that true in life too?  Our pace effects what we see.  Sometimes, you have to stop or slow down just to see what all was there along.

And in life, that view is sometimes the missing piece.  And always a reminder that we have what we need.  Sometimes it is the people, sometimes a new perspective, sometimes remembering what matters and it is always about our ability to see it.

My legs were tired as I left the field that day.  And my heart was full.  I knew we had added another chapter to our life adventures as a family.

But today, I also left the field with a reminder to stop and enjoy the view.  The things that are in plain sight won’t show their magic unless you are willing to slow down.

How about you?  What did you discover in plain sight that helped you gain a new perspective on life?   I look forward to hearing from you.


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