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Are you a 31’er?

Are you a 31’er?

As I sat down to think about my week, it became clear that the pace of things around me was on a one-way ticket to faster.  That is true for everyone.  Because everything is 24/7, we never shut down any more.  We are becoming 31’ers.   Hmm, it stopped me in my tracks.

Learning to be an advocate for what you need to stay healthy has never been more important.  Without a sense of boundaries, a discipline to unplug and the ability to truly be present, our lives will just become a run-on sentence.

This week I heard on the radio that Chicago is considering writing tickets for pedestrians that cross the street while they are on their phones.  There have been 24 deaths reported due to distracted walking.  Wow, distracted driving, now distracted walking.

Funny how this constant need to be connected, blurs the line of what is important, truly urgent and just nice to know.  It is easy to treat everything the same and miss what is truly special in the places we go, the people we see and the conversations we have.

This week is the launch of my book GROUNDED-Leading your life with Intention.  It is dedicated to helping each of us learn to live our best life.  By staying curious EVERYDAY about what works, we can lead our lives with intention, and make it possible to lead others.

This notion of being GROUNDED isn’t about age, it’s about attitude.  Your life will have impact.  Choices will be made.  GROUNDED is dedicated to building the skill so you decide, not someone else.  Your life is simply too important to leave it to chance.  And without your intention, you are destined to become a 31’er.

You can follow the “inside story” of the book on my Facebook page Nancy M. Dahl.    Thanks in advance for continuing to follow this blog and now for your support of the book.  And remember to share the news with those that matter in your life.  It makes the conversation more interesting.



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