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A Grounded Life.

Many of you know the journey I’ve been on in the last two years of writing my first book. This path has certainly taken me to some interesting places, introduced me to some wonderful people and opened up conversations and new ideas. And of course, this is just the start. And I know the conversations that led to the book in the first place can now continue with others.

My message is simple: live the life you wish for, both personally and professionally, REGARDLESS of your age.

For me, the conversations about the book have led to some interesting places. From young professionals navigating their lives and careers to seasoned executives considering their next chapter, the concept of being grounded brings new insight.

For C-suite executives focused on talent development and engaging the talent of the millennial generation to entrepreneurial founders worried about how they raise the bar on their organizations and get out of the way without losing control, it has showed a way forward.

For leaders looking to expand their capacity to embrace diversity as a point of difference versus a point of weakness and truly understand the gifts they have to offer to others so they can do the same.

For education leaders worried about re-imagining education of our youth and their approach to building skills for the twenty-first century as well as adults focused on intentional development of their skills to stay relevant.

For leaders facing the dynamic marketplace changes and the need for innovation, the work of understanding yourself has never been more essential.  You need to be fully grounded to lead others, or you risk getting in your own way. Being grounded supports innovation and change for you personally and for others in the organizations you serve.

The work in this book enables powerful conversations to address these real-world conundrums in a way that builds agility to meet the future with open arms. Anything is possible if you believe you have to do the work personally first

It’s unlikely that this book will change the world, but I do know that really important change happens one person to another. Each person has the opportunity to take the same facts, create a different experience, and change the outcome on purpose.Your life is too important to leave to chance or worse yet let someone else to decide what matters. Your impact is too important to leave to chance.

I look forward to the journey ahead…#awesomegroundedlife

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