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The very last one…

It was early, just after 5 in the morning.   You could see the colors of the sky beginning to change in anticipation of a beautiful sunrise.  A grand celebration for the world to see, that a new day has arrived with all the promise of what is possible.

And on this day, as I ground my coffee, I reached simply for a coffee filter.  The very last one.  the last one

There was nothing special about this. I knew I had an extra in my pantry.

It wasn’t until a bit later, as I sat and watched the sun come up and enjoyed the AWESOME view over the water, that I began to think about the idea of the “last one.”  Is the last one really the last one, or a harkening to the arrival of a new fresh box of filters.

Think about it. We often see endings only in the construct of what has ended.  How about we re-frame that view – and see endings as a signal of a new beginning.  It’s important to stop and think about this so you can come out of the box ready to begin anew.

For me, it signaled the end of summer.  It had been almost 50 days and 8 weeks of no watch, no shoes- only sandals, a dedicated focus on health and wellness and time to read, tell stories with my photography and be in my gardens.  Learning to be in the moment and notice the smaller things in life was a gift.

But it too, was time to begin anew, with a fresh perspective to optimize the road ahead.  So, I am glad, it was the last one.  It charged me up to prepare for the new start of the season and my next chapter.  It is going to be awesome.  I know yours will be too.

I look forward to comparing notes.  How did your “last one” allow you to begin anew?  And how is your journey going?  I hope you take time to enjoy the celebration of a new day as you ponder your next move.  It is a gift that arrives every day and encourages us to impact the world with our best work.  The final choice, of course, it yours.  Let’s do it together, the world is counting on us.


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