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Behind the lens.

My love for photography started years ago with my Aunt Anita.


Each time she visited, we explored another chapter from her travel log.  Her images and stories were mesmerizing to me as a child.  And much to my family’s chagrin, the cause for her late arrival to family functions.  You see, there was always something along the way that caused her to pause. A need to capture the moment.

And photography stuck in my life.  Much later, I had the good fortune of working with another photography master.  You’ve most likely heard me speak of him before. I was fortunate to both work and travel with him.  In fact, our time together always felt like a gift because it led to new discoveries.  And those discoveries stirred a curiosity that has shaped my view of the world.

Here’s my fascination with the art of photography. Many photographers capture similar images, but none of them look the same.  The images are always shaped by the person behind the lens not the people in in front of it. And critical to defining the view is learning to ask the question, “what do you see?”  Let’s be clear here, sometimes this difficult question doesn’t have an obvious answer.  It is in knitting together the many viewpoints that provide true texture.  This is where the depth of life can be explained.  It also requires that we don’t assume others can see what we do.

You see, no one sees it like you do.

Taking time to ask, value and share your perspective is important.  Don’t assume what is clear to you is also clear to others.  You will miss the value of discovering the view from another vantage point.  And it may be just what you need to make the next leg of your journey.

What do you see?   I look forward to hearing your perspective?


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