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Who’s Driving?

Imagine a scene where you are standing on the street corner, and you notice the bus turning the corner doesn’t have a driver.  Or another, where you notice that every time you meet someone, they are just along for the ride. Someone else is clearly driving the bus.

who's driving the bus

Every time someone else is driving your bus, you made a decision not to drive. And that’s ok. There are lots of reasons for it. But what’s amazing to me is how many people actually just give up the driver’s seat.

Sometimes it is because they are too busy, they are confused and just want someone else to figure it out or they just want to give up on life.   Whatever the reason, it is a tragedy.  They are giving up optimizing their own potential.

Each of us has the opportunity to DECIDE how we want to spend our life.  It requires our intention, our focus and hard work.  It requires us to stay engaged, to make it happen. To drive.

Leaving the driving to someone else is not a recipe to optimize individual potential but rather a formula to travel thru life without accountability.  After all you just tagged along for the ride so the consequences belong not to you but someone else.

It is the most certain way to live the life someone else envisions for you vs. the one you were born to live.

We each get the same 24 hours a day, every day, over the course of our years on earth to optimize our opportunities.  Riding a tour bus driven by someone else is not a recipe to maximize your  impact on the world.  So why then do we let it happen?

We owe it to ourselves to be clear, be intentional and to take the driver’s seat.  Have you seen the same thing?  I would love to hear who’s driving your bus and why…

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