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End the war…

Everywhere you look, there is another take on the millennials vs. pick your topic. Hostilities around. How many times have you said – why can’t they just be like…

stop the warIt’s time to end the war on both sides!

Let’s learn to look beyond the labels and embrace the differences as a point of strength not weakness. Let’s admit we all can make our organizations, communities, and our world a better place but no one can do it alone.

So we need each other. It’s that simple.

Learning to embrace the talents of each other with clarity about the role we play on the team is important. Yet, when was the last time you asked that question of yourself? Or of others you called together? Do they understand their role and why they were chosen?

It’s not enough to be clear about the mission or objective we are focused on. We need to be clear about what we need from each other to accomplish the goal. It is only then we can see the value in our individual contributions to the overall goal and clearly understand our role to make it happen.

Let’s start today. Begin by understanding your role and then showing others the power of understanding their role. It is the difference maker and simply can’t be left to chance.

So lead with intention to harness the full power of your team—one person at a time. Start today.

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