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Change means celebrate forward…

In a world that crashes forward at an accelerating pace, what does forward mean?

celebrate forwardThis is important. We often judge success based on the final or finished outcome. Should that be the only measure of success?  Because going forward in the right direction can be critical to reaching the end goal. It doesn’t require us to have it all figured out, but does require us to be grounded in what matters so we can lead the right direction. And be confident in our ability to figure out helps us build momentum.

The Leadership recipe is 1% vision and 99% alignment. Learning to focus on building your future (and not fighting the past) is critical. But be clear on this…you need to meet people where they are and then move forward together. And you need to celebrate the forward.  It’s this understanding (especially of the past) that makes it possible to move. And it’s the only way you will find the right people and lead with intention.

It is this step, most people miss and then wonder why there is no movement towards a compelling vision. Why don’t people get it?

The answer is quite simple, because you don’t get it. Taking time to connect the dots from here to there is essential.  This builds the bridge from what was to what is.  Then others can take first steps and not freeze in fear. In fact, it is the only thing that will drive real change and overtime builds the muscle in the people and organization.

And before you fill in the gaps with your assumptions, ask. Why complicate life and your leadership? If you have a question, ask in person, like something, state it, want something, ask for it, wanna be understood, explain, want effort, celebrate your forward movement regardless of how small and move. It will allow you to engage others, accelerate your learning and ultimately build momentum towards the vision.

The principles of what works are simple, it is the doing that is complicated. It is too easy to dismiss the process and get focused on the promise of some “shiny new” way to make it happen. Stay focused on your leadership and engage as a simple process to propel you forward. It will also build the skill in others because your role model will show them what is possible.

How are you celebrating the forward movement in your life and leadership?

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