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Now what? The next step counts.

We all know the old adage “s*** happens.”

200397972-001But let’s be frank here…it’s never about what happens when it does (because it absolutely will).  It’s really about how you move forward. Being able to move forward from those things (especially from the stuff that we do not deserve but that happen none the less) is the marker of true leadership. And a critical key for me is in helping my teams find the next…not the end-to-end solution. But rather the one step forward.

We’ve discussed it before – how do you look past the obvious obstacles and find the next movable piece? And in the end uncover a view towards what is possible for ourselves, our teams and our organizations. It is the only thing that ignites hope for a bright future. But seriously how?  One step forward…

It is easy to get stuck, loose enthusiasm and stop. And frankly settle for where you are.

It lessens the pain, reduces the effort and gives you some space to breath (at least for awhile). But our role as a leader is to move our organizations and our teams forward. And all it takes is one small step forward.

And yes, it shows up unscheduled, puts a wrench in your plan and adds another thing to your list. Learning to demonstrate what matters in these critical times is what makes it possible move. Learning to work with your people in their time of need is what matters. With one small step forward.

That one step is what empowers people to move. And it allows them to be their best.

I look forward to your reflections on your leadership and ability to move one step forward. The world is counting on us to make our leadership count…

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