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Finding your Hallelujah

As we go into this time of renewal, I want take a moment and talk about reflection.  The snow just started coming down as I sat to drink my morning coffee.  renew

I loved the quiet sanctuary of the early morning.

It was a time to hear myself think and clear my thoughts. A time to consider what lies ahead. To breathe. To recharge my batteries and recommit to what matters most.

As I reflected on the year, and the road traveled.  I smiled.

The list of “aspirations” for the year clearly matched my “celebrated moments”.  It was a magical feeling indeed.

The work I had done to think about the journey had made a real difference.  Especially since, some of the journey seemed odd or unclear to others around me.

I heard “Nancy – why are you doing that” more than once.  They wondered how this “fit”, or worried that I was wasting time exploring areas that didn’t matter.

But it all mattered to me.  And isn’t that the point?

Along the way, the chorus of doubt from others drained my batteries.  It happens to all of us at one point or another. But it was my resolve to stay true to my “aspirations” and belief in myself that allowed me to continue the journey.  My willingness to be vulnerable to “figuring it out” along the way and open to exploring what I didn’t originally see that mattered.

Of course looking back, it all makes sense.  And to others too, even those that didn’t see it before.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing because it all seems so clear, and logical. And when it all falls in place…hallelujah.

Finding your hallelujah, is about having the courage to listen, to imagine a journey that brings joy to your life and the commitment and discipline to follow thru even when it doesn’t seem the popular choice.

And in the end, singing the chorus with those that celebrate you is just so much fun.   It makes you want to do it again…and again…and again!

Spring is a time of  renewal and reflection too.How are you finding your hallelujah and singing out loud so others can share in your joy?



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