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Change Management…allow for an imprint.

Say the word “change” to anyone, and I’m sure you get the same response.  imprinting on changeThe glazed look and the  “really,” is this necessary?

I know you’ve seen it too.

Change is all around us.  And we engage in the changes that make sense to us.  When the goal is clear…so are the benefits (or in some cases,  the consequences).  Clarity with change is what motivates us to be willing.  Willing to engage in the conversation, willing to do the work, willing even if we don’t know what that means exactly.

Clarity is the point of change  we as leaders miss the most.   And frankly, many leaders and organizations simply don’t get it.

FIRST because leaders fail to be clear.  Clear about the goal, clear about the change metrics to judge progress, clear about what it is “REALLY” going to take and finally clear that the power of transformation isn’t dependent on the power of one–the CEO/COO.  And this clarity is what can unleash the power of their team.

SECOND because change is orchestrated as an directive.  When the change process is so tightly controlled and people are scripted, it leaves no room to converse, to bend.  Or quite frankly to take any accountability because “someone else” is deciding and I am “just” doing what I was told.

The team can hit the “check” button and be done.  And the leadership team builds a false sense of security about what they control.  And here’s the really big miss – they (leadership) retain 100% of the burden for figuring it out because they make it clear they had the answers.

And LASTLY, because the leader (and organization) don’t allow people to practice their work and create their own imprint in the change process.  This imprint is what allows each person to make a commitment to the change in a way that works for them.  In turn this makes it possible to unleash their passions. This is when real change has power and traction.

And for me, this approach has unleashed double digit increases in both profits and sales every time – guaranteed. You see, it is at this moment, others feel part of the change, and own it.  Instead of feeling as if change is being done to them.    It is truly the only way to leverage the power of your human capital.

And isn’t that your objective as a leader?

Learn to embrace change. Learn to let your people be part of that process. Learn to to unleash the power they bring to change.  Often it requires a different approach that is both hard and uncomfortable.  And did I mention that your future depends on it.

But, of course, the choice is yours.  Always was and still is.

Just remember those you lead are counting on you to make the right one.  Your team hopes you are willing to take it on.  If not, they hope you understand the consequences of your leadership on their future opportunity, and frankly, they hope you are willing to step aside.  Their futures depend on leadership that is willing to go the distance.  Just like yours.

I look forward to hearing how you are approaching leadership and change?





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