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When what matters is clear.

Funny how time, the pace of change and urgency can drive a scurry of activity but not necessarily a good result.

It takes leadership to stop. And courage to seek clarity.

what matters becomes clear

It’s usually met with resistance. We can’t do that because…and it appears to slow things down, when really quite the opposite is true.

Take the moment to identify what really matters, build commitment and clarity so the collective efforts can drive the result.  It is the only thing that will unleash the power of the people.

In the absence of this clarity, it is too easy for people to focus on their piece of the puzzle and lose the perspective of both HOW their work has to align others and WHY the work is important to them or team at all.  When things don’t work (and of course that will happen), it’s easy to say “well I did my piece, it was someone else that didn’t do their piece. That’s why it isn’t working.”

This is the focus that creates a downward spiral.  And it  never ends well…

Instead, create the moment you need to step back. It will ensure the clarity that makes it possible for others to engage.  And know at their core, everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This is the process that allows people to be part of orchestrating change (vs. feeling like it is something that is being done to them).

This is the moment, others can see how they add value.  Then they will make the commitment and unleash their passion to make it happen.  But we all have to learn this. Learn to stop. Courageously seek clarity…This is what will separate your skills as a leader and will amplify your results. I can’t wait to hear about your leadership journey. When did you stop…and it made a real difference. When should you have stopped and you know in hindsight – it would have made a difference.





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