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The Next “Movable” Piece.

Change is hard.

It doesn’t matter if it’s is in your professional or personal life.  Sometimes we pursue change to make our life easier and other times to optimize our potential. Some of us have change happen to us and others embrace change as part of our plan.  And regardless of how it happens – it is hard – usually met with setback.

Really – any way you look at it. Change is all around us.

Have you ever heard that little voice inside your head chattering:

“See I told you this was a dumb idea.”

“I don’t know why you thought this would work.”

Or worst of all, when the voice starts to erode your self-confidence and courage.  You literally freeze in place – unable to see or even seek the opportunities in front of you.

the next movable pieceI love how Cecily Sommers’ encourages us to keep up the fight in her book “Think like a Futurist”.  She says start from where you are and look for your next movable piece.  Accept the obstacle or limitation and shift your focus.

It is important to realize that when we set out to change things, it must be designed to work with whatever we are doing now.  Then we must work to feed and reinforce the new behavior until it can sustain itself.

If we begin with a bold vision of where we want to go and match that with persistent action to coax steady and evolutionary change, we can make progress.

It’s not easy.  However, I don’t like the alternative – losing the opportunity for growth and greatness in your life.

The best option is always to choose change.  And to help us do the work, we must learn to celebrate our forward movement, make adjustments along the path and look for the next movable piece.

Here’s a great quote from Thomas Edison:  “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Tell me about your change and how this framework of “next movable piece” helps you get moving.  I look forward to hearing what you get started…

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  1. so well said Nancy- the importance of handling change well is so critical in life. Thx you for your inspring words!

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