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Where the dirt road ends…


end of the dirt roadIt was a crazy week with an endless list of “to do’s” and deadlines.

As I got in my car to head out of town, I replayed the week looking to celebrate what I had moved forward, evaluate what got stuck, and make a list of priorities for the next week.  It helped me empty my brain so I could move into the weekend and not be interrupted with “unfinished business” from this week.  I really needed a break.

My drive took about 3 hours.  It was the right amount of time to really unwind.  As I approached my destination, I could feel myself moving into weekend mode…with my favorite jeans and cowboy boots, comfy shirt and jacket.  It felt good.

We spent the entire weekend outside…

walks in the woods, riding the four-wheeler and watching the guys ride the motocross track, cooking every meal outside and enjoying a campfire under the stars.  From the smell in the air, to the dirt in my hair and the magnificence of the night time sky, I was immersed in all that matters most.  The conversations were dotted with laughter and the quietness of being in the country gave you time to truly get caught up with everyone…uninterrupted.

It left me feeling recharged and ready for the week ahead.  As I watched the dirt come off in the shower and celebrated the feeling of a warm shower, I was also reminded how this place “where the blacktop ends” has magical powers to help me hit the reset button.  It is truly an essential ingredient to helping me lead my life with all my horsepower.

Let me know if you have found your place “where the black top ends” and how it helped you hit restart? I have my next trip on the calendar and look forward to hearing about yours soon.




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