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Your 6 Word Challenge…

Have you ever thought how someone would write your life’s story?

What would be the highlights and what adventures would be shared?  What would be left out and how long would it be?

What if you had just 6 words to tell your story?  Could you do it?

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While traveling with friends over a long weekend, we had lots of time to reminisce.  One of the evenings, my friend shared the story of Ernst Hemingway.  While having dinner with friends, he challenged them to write their memoir with just 6 words and bet them $10.  They took the challenge, and he won.  “For Sales, Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”  Ernst Hemingway,

I had never heard the story.   But we decided it would be a fun challenge too.  It brought lots of laughter as we tried to find the right words.  And lead to some versions that we decided should be left out.  It was easier to write a short story about part of your life than capture the full essence of your story.

Here is some of what we wrote:

Bought horses, stayed young, died broke

Authentic leader, intentional future, better team

Outdoor adventure, photography stories, meaningful connections

Speak your mind, ride fast horse

Blessings counted daily, gratitude felt always

Silliness is embraced, happiness end result

Forever young, always excited for future

Use tact, make point, no enemy

What would yours say?  Challenge yourself to write it.  Mine are in bold.  Whether it is 6 words to describe your life story or just your leadership, write it.  The need to focus on just 6 words makes this a compelling exercise to bring clarity about who you are and what you stand for.  If it helps, make it a challenge for your friends or colleagues to write yours too.  The best one gets a prize.  It will be fun to hear their versions of your story.

I look forward to hearing your “6 word story”.  Be sure to list it below in the comment section.


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