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Does it fit in your peach crate.

My Grandma Hannah was a firecracker packed into a small package.  I think she maybe weighed 100 pounds and measured all of 5 feet.  She had just an eighth grade education but a life of great lessons to share.

I loved her attitude and her willingness to help others.  I remember her telling me about her week and all the work she was doing to help the “old people” at the infirmary in the hospital.

She was a young “85 years” old and rode the dime bus to see them every week.   Wow, love this notion that age is just a number.

It is how you think about it that makes the difference.

When we moved her into the adult living community, first to the independent living section and then finally to a shared room, her step had slowed a bit but her mind was really sharp.  We carried each package, piece of clothing and some personal things to her room to help her get settled.

As I carried the last box, I remember it was a peach crate.

peach crateIt had been carefully packed and I recognized some of her “signature” things inside.  As I set it on her dresser she looked at me with a special twinkle in her eye and a loving smile.

I watched her unpack that crate and talk about each piece.  When she was done, she told me that OF ALL THE THINGS we helped her bring to her new room, the MOST IMPORTANT things fit into her peach crate.

As I drove away that day and continue to reflect on that life lesson, I cannot help but ask myself, what will go in my peach crate?

What will be important enough to take up the precious space?  What will I pack with care and want to share with the next generation? Do you know what will go in yours?

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