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Are you seeking better or best?

As I turned the corner, I heard him ask, “Was that experience better than ours?” Her response was delayed and vague. I could tell she didn’t want to hurt his feelings because she knew he was keeping score.


The conversation haunted me for days. I wrestled with this quest for better. It puts in motion a constant battle to make sure you have the best, defined as better than anyone else. I must admit I don’t like this score card because I don’t think it focuses on the right metric.

Think about it. Isn’t it better to think about what YOU want and need and then judge it against what is BEST for YOUR NEEDS and not whether it is better than another option that someone else has. Their needs may be different than yours.

It pulls the comparison out of context and frankly puts in motion a game that never ends. How many times have you upgraded your phone only to read that now there is a phone with better features? If you are in the “better race” you would feel compelled to upgrade again, and again and again.

If on the other hand you are clear about your objectives and optimize your final choice to meet these goals, there is no need to make this change because you have the BEST option for you until your needs change.

In this fast paced world, I think our need to be clear about our needs/goals and objectives has never been greater. If we are, it allows us to spend time on the value added activities and experiences that bring us forward vs. repeating the same activity over and over again.

As you ponder this issue, make a list of where you feel compelled to be in the “better race” vs. where you focus on the “best option for you”. Then think about why you do what you do? And finally commit to optimize your time. After all we only get 24 hours a day. It is up to us to spend it wisely.



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  1. Nancy. You are so right about us only having 24 hours a day to best use our time! Sometimes I think we just need to step back and “take a deep breath”!

    We so enjoy your inspirational insight! I hope you are getting these comments.
    Be well,
    Larry and Lisa.

    1. Thanks Larry and Lisa for sharing your comments. I appreciate the feedback and love that have followed from the beginning. Your insights and perspective are helpful to me as I write my book. Here’s to the journey ahead, my friend. Thanks for sharing this with others.

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