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Power of a picture.

I live most of my life with pictures and so do you.  Pictures help us tell our stories and they have since the cave man days.  Now with the advent of digital photography and Facebook, our ability to make this connection has accelerated into hyper space.

A picture may seem superficial but it’s not.

It is the single most powerful universal language.  It evokes emotion, connection and adds dimension to our story.  Most people would tell you it’s their most valuable possession. I agree.

So if it so powerful, why don’t we each have a compelling image of ourselves.  Why aren’t we intentional about it?  Consider your Facebook or LinkedIn image.  Do you love it?  Is it your best? Why not be intentional about getting it done right so we can be proud of it and promote our personal brand in a compelling way?

I found myself in this place a few years ago.  I needed to provide a photograph for a keynote address I was giving at a national conference.  I had several to choose from but didn’t like any of them.  I didn’t think they conveyed the real me.  So I made a date to change all that…little did I know the impact.

The picture taking event was as I remembered it from years gone by.  Funny how at any age, you are anxious to see if it will turn out.

It was important to me to have an image that communicated my executive leadership and influence together with an approachability and personal style.  In addition, I wanted to have both formal and causal images to share.  The finished product was right on target and I was proud of the work.  Finally I could check this off my list.




IMG_1732 copy

However, it was the impact of the new images and refreshed personal brand that was the surprise. For me, I think I changed the way I saw myself and treated myself.  For others, it drove an immediate connection.  It didn’t matter whether it was on Facebook, LinkedIn, company communications or publications for my keynotes or articles.  The responses were compelling.  They provoked new connections, feedback and comments as well as a new “refreshed” look of my personal brand.  Take a look

I challenge you to do the same.  It will impact the way you see yourself.  That in turn will make it possible for you to make connections at a far deeper level than you ever thought possible.  What are you waiting for?  Be intentional about building your personal image.  It is a reflection of your personal brand and should not be left to chance.   I look forward to seeing the results and hearing your stories.



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