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Title: GROUNDED: Leading your life with Intention
Author: Nancy Dahl
Publisher: MCP Books
Date of Publication: November 14, 2017
Retail Price: $30.00
ISBN: 978-1-5456-1033-6
Pages: 294


How do you build the career and life you want—especially with chaos swirling around you, throwing out roadblocks at every turn. Only when you understand that the world isn’t set up to optimize, can you begin the journey to uncover your best and lead your life with intention.

Bottom line: life is the ultimate experience model. You don’t come with an operating manual that tells you how to be your best. You just have to figure it out to find the things that work. And the discovery is never done. You have to stay engaged, curious and willing to admit you don’t know everything, so you can learn more to be your best.

Dedicating yourself to the lifelong discipline of practice outlined in GROUNDED allows you to see what works and most importantly stay in tune with what grounds you at every turn of your journey. The questions change as people move through their lives. In their twenties, people wonder where to begin. In their thirties, people wonder if they are headed in the right direction. In their forties, they may begin to wonder if this is all there is. And in their fifties and beyond, they wonder what should happen in the next chapter.

This notion of being grounded isn’t about age, it’s about altitude. Your life will have impact. Choices will be made. GROUNDED is dedicated to building the skill so you decide, not someone else. Your life is simply too important to leave it to chance. And if you choose to lead others, GROUNDED is dedicated to inspiring others to be their best because you have done the work to understand how to lead first yourself and now others.

Read an excerpt from GROUNDED: Leading your life with Intention.

Author Bio

Nancy M. Dahl’s professional career has spanned more than 30 years and five different industries with sales ranging from $20 to $750 million. She currently serves as president and COO of Tastefully Simple, where she has turned around a sales decline and implemented a long-term growth strategy.

Dahl served as the first woman president and chief operating officer of two major divisions of Lifetouch, including its National School Studios and Portrait Divisions, where she had accountability for 12,000 employees, seven manufacturing plants, 180 field offices and 720 retail studios. During her tenure at Lifetouch, she led the digital transformation of the retail division that drove 30 percent sales and 400 percent profit growth, the market focused strategy at the Church Division that grew market share from 21 percent to over 60 percent, and double digit profit growth for seven years and the turnaround of the School Division. Prior to that, she served as executive vice president of sales and marketing at Cambria.

Dahl currently serves on several corporate and community boards, including EDCO Products, Greater Twin Cities United Way and Dunwoody College.

She speaks nationally on leadership, leading change, innovation and professional development. Dahl’s presentations focus on why authentic and intentional leadership matters in today’s world at all levels of an organization.

Dahl received her bachelor’s degree from Gustavus Adolphus College and holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. She received the Top 25 Pinnacle of Global Leadership Award from Women Open Leadership Forum (WOLF), and was given a Distinguished Alumni Citation in the Field of Business from Gustavus Adolphus College.

In her free time, Dahl enjoys outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, water and snow skiing, and motocross racing. Dahl and her husband, Brian, reside in Bloomington, Minnesota. They have two adult children.

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Reviews of GROUNDED

GROUNDED is a highly engaging book that feels like a personal conversation with Nancy. As I transition to a new chapter in my life, GROUNDED has given me the clarity and confidence to take control, the focus to lead my life with intention and be grounded in what really matters. It is truly a gift to the reader of any age.

—LuAnn Via, board director, advisor, CEO

Understanding how to bridge generational gaps is imperative to success. Nancy teaches leaders how to embrace our differences to create the ultimate experience for everyone. GROUNDED is a must read for anyone who wants to be sure their leadership style has a profound impact.

—David Stillman, generations expert, best-selling author

In GROUNDED, Nancy M. Dahl has made a powerful contribution to the conversation
of effective leadership and mastery. It is full of insights, wisdom and tools for transformation.

—David McNally, author of Mark Of An Eagle: How Your Life Changes the World