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Man Hiding Behind A Chair Looking Afraid.

Change Management…allow for an imprint.

Say the word "change" to anyone, and I'm sure you get the same response.  The glazed look and the  “really," is this necessary? I know you’ve…

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Holding Instant Photo Of A Tree With Original Background Blurred Behind It.

When what matters is clear.

Funny how time, the pace of change and urgency can drive a scurry of activity but not necessarily a good result. It takes leadership to…

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Color Blank Nametag Hello My Name Is Sticker Tag Label

Living a slash life…

As I drove home, I reflected on the key meetings of the week.  I felt the progress.  There were indeed thought provoking conversations that drove…

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Confident People At Conference Table

The enemy is already in the room…

I arrived early to see if I could get a table in the quieter part of the restaurant.  I knew the conversation with my friend…

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Lake Superior Beach Campfire

The People Around You Matter…

It was a star filled night. The crack of a fire, the sound of water hitting the shore and the cool night air set the perfect…

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Girl In Red Dress With Green Dial Phone Looking Surprised

Build or bust…

As I hung up the phone, I shook my head. It was a long week of making phone calls to the field to hear their perspective on…

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This is my personal blog. My mission is to inspire leaders—as individuals and at the corporate or organizational level—to be intentional with their leadership and professional development to elevate performance, achieve excellence and fulfill their goals.

I’ll share my successes, mistakes, best advice and most valuable tips on the topics of intention, attitude, telling your story, being relevant in a changing marketplace, integration vs. balance, and more.

They’ve taken me from a small town, high school graduating class of 42 all the way to becoming the President and CEO of a $750 million corporation.

If you are looking for insightful, relevant content you can use to shape your world and achieve your future goals, you’re in the right place. It is my goal to engage you in a meaningful conversation on leadership and cause you to think about your personal footprint and impact.

This is about how to “lead your life”.

I hope you will join me by subscribing, sharing the posts in your network and engaging in the conversation with your feedback and comments.

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to be part of the leadership conversation.

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