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Pile Of Smart Phones Stacked On Top Of Each Other With A White Background

This is a one way ticket…

Did you know, 90% of the worlds data was created in the last 2 years?  In fact, in 1998, the internet exceeded the capacity of the…

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Child Little Girl With Glasses Reading A Book While She Sits On A Stack Of Books

Are you admiring the problem?

The day finally arrived.  Lunch had been on the books for 3 months.  I arrived early, as I didn’t want to cut our time together…

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Afro-american Woman With Laptop And Painted Muscular Arms On Chalkboard Drawn Behind Her

Do you Collaborate or Cooperate?

Two words that are similar but vastly different in their impact to driving sustainable change and innovation. Do you collaborate...look for the best and most…

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Illustration Of Man Driving A Car Taken From Inside The Car From The Middle In The Back Seat

Who’s Driving?

Imagine a scene where you are standing on the street corner, and you notice the bus turning the corner doesn’t have a driver.  Or another,…

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This is my personal blog. My mission is to inspire leaders—as individuals and at the corporate or organizational level—to be intentional with their leadership and professional development to elevate performance, achieve excellence and fulfill their goals.

I’ll share my successes, mistakes, best advice and most valuable tips on the topics of intention, attitude, telling your story, being relevant in a changing marketplace, integration vs. balance, and more.

They’ve taken me from a small town, high school graduating class of 42 all the way to becoming the President and CEO of a $750 million corporation.

If you are looking for insightful, relevant content you can use to shape your world and achieve your future goals, you’re in the right place. It is my goal to engage you in a meaningful conversation on leadership and cause you to think about your personal footprint and impact.

This is about how to “lead your life”.

I hope you will join me by subscribing, sharing the posts in your network and engaging in the conversation with your feedback and comments.

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to be part of the leadership conversation.

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