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A Photograph Of Nancy M. Dahl Coaching A Male Client

Is it worth it?

Over the years, I have enjoyed the sage advice of friends, colleagues and others who believed I was worth their time and effort. It’s an…

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Collage Of Confident People Wearing Superhero Costumes

So you want to lead…do you believe in the future?

As I sat across the table from a friend, he shared a conversation he just had with the senior leader of his organization. The conversation…

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Tired Woman Runner Bent Over With Hands On Knees Taking A Rest After Running Hard

You want the future? Practice.

How do we make our future dreams reality?  We need to focus on building knowledge to give us potential and then PRACTICE to build mastery. I worry that we often…

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Aerial View Of Snow With Snowmobile Tracks On The Snow

Recognize the Pivot

As I got off the last lift for the day, I felt burn in my thighs. It was an awesome day of skiing, particularly since it…

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Light Bulb With Filament Forming A Heart Icon On Purple Background

Make a difference…A reflection.

She's been on my mind for years. I vowed one day I would find her. I just didn’t know how. And then it happened. I…

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Girl In Shopping Cart With A Package Wrapped In White And A Red Ribbon And A Boy With A Had Flying Behind With Hands On Card Handle

The one thing money can’t buy.

As we approach this holiday season, the push to get our attention to buy things picks up speed. This unrelenting fever always stops me in…

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This is my personal blog. My mission is to inspire leaders—as individuals and at the corporate or organizational level—to be intentional with their leadership and professional development to elevate performance, achieve excellence and fulfill their goals.

I’ll share my successes, mistakes, best advice and most valuable tips on the topics of intention, attitude, telling your story, being relevant in a changing marketplace, integration vs. balance, and more.

They’ve taken me from a small town, high school graduating class of 42 all the way to becoming the President and CEO of a $750 million corporation.

If you are looking for insightful, relevant content you can use to shape your world and achieve your future goals, you’re in the right place. It is my goal to engage you in a meaningful conversation on leadership and cause you to think about your personal footprint and impact.

This is about how to “lead your life”.

I hope you will join me by subscribing, sharing the posts in your network and engaging in the conversation with your feedback and comments.

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to be part of the leadership conversation.

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