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C-Suite and Board Advisor




Author and Speaker, Grounded:  Leading your Life with Intention


Nancy brings her passion for winning to every stage.  She leverages over 30 years of experience running organizations ranging in size from $20 to $750 Million to focus the audiences on what it takes to grow, to engage and accelerate performance.  She has a keen understanding of what it takes to build both competency and capacity in the organizations so they can excel today and be ready to meet tomorrows demands.

Because she spends the time with you to understand your needs and the ‘context’ of where your organization is at, she can deliver a powerful and direct message that speaks to the heart of your people.  Her experience has taught her the value of understanding the front line to drive execution and the importance of connecting the vision and operating plans to the realities of the market place to optimize results.  From the moment she steps on stage, Nancy captivates the audience and draws them in to focus on the future and their role to make it happen.  She has earned a reputation for blending hard data with sharp insights that will challenge your audiences perspective and take them on a leadership journey to see how they can win.

She views her role as a strategic partner with the organization to deliver a message that helps move the organization forward.  Her speaking style leverages her authenticity to engage, her curiosity to learn and her ability to make the mission both clear and personal so the audience owns both their individual and collective roles.  Although her messages are developed for each organization, common themes focus on :  Leading for impact, building traction and leading through Change, Innovation, Building personal and organizational competency and capacity to name a few.  In the end, her messages speak to the people because they are the difference makers in every organization.


To connect with Nancy regarding change, innovation or leadership, or to discuss speaking, contact:

[email protected]